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Profound History

Over Three Decades of Technology Advancement

Fuji Dynamics was founded in 1977 by Mr. Nanri Masateru with Japanese capital. Since then, the company has undergone dynamic and remarkable development backed by the latest electro-therapy technologies originated from USA and hands-on experience of our professional teams.

Starting from a simple analogy TENS(tens machine unit), Fuji was not content with manufacturing this new product at that time. Fuji Dynamics excelled itself by devoting to the development of digital TENS(tens machine unit). In 1990, another milestone, Fuji Dynamics firstly introduced an interferential current therapy device from Asia to the States that was an advanced technology to the application of electro stimulation. In 2000s, Fuji Dynamics has been working with market leaders around the world to develop more sophisticated medical devices with multi-functions and chancels to meet the changing needs of the customers.

Stationed in Hong Kong, products and technologies developed and produced by Fuji Dynamics in accordance with the market and customers' requirements have been exported to countries around the globe. The major export markets of the company include:

• North America
• Europe
• Asia

Fuji Dynamics owns its manufacturing and assembling factory with over 5,000-square-meter space in Tangxia of Dongguan, China. The self-owned production facilities were built to cater for growing expectations and changing needs of customers even before they actually requested for it. By employing the new and modern facility, the production capacity has been increased by three folds. With such, Fuji Dynamics aims to further strengthen the R&D and production competence for the benefit of customers as a whole. With the improved production capacity, Fuji Dynamics is now able to cope with customers' requirements within more cost-effective budgets and tighter timeframes.